The JK Educate Team

Lorrae and katie
Led by co-founders Lorrae Jaderberg and Katie Krais, we offer a premium education service, with tutors that have a passion for teaching and a deep knowledge of how to help a child reach their potential. We have a dedicated monitoring team and a team of behind-the-scenes staff working hard to ensure that our clients’ experience is that of being well supported and cared for, whilst achieving optimum results.

Here’s the team:

Ruby Holmes



Ruby joined the JK team as an assessment administrator and has now taken on the role of providing a key point of contact for both clients and tutors. Much of Ruby’s time is spent on meeting individual students’ needs by carefully matching students to the best tutors for them. This is done by working closely with Lorrae and Katie and using their in-depth knowledge and recommendations. Once the ideal match is achieved, Ruby liaises with the client and tutor to set up the tutoring arrangements and goes on to manage any future changes to tutoring schedules and requirements.Ruby has spent four years working as a higher level teaching assistant at an outstanding primary school in North London prior to joining the JK team and has also spent time in Thailand and Philippines volunteering as an English teacher. In her spare time, Ruby loves running, cooking, baking, crafts, travelling around the world and heading back home to the countryside where she grew up.

Suzannah Joseph



Susannah joined the JK team in November 2016 as an assessment administrator, working with children on a one to one basis. She is now a member of the client support team. She works hard to ensure that communication between tutors and parents runs smoothly.  To achieve this she supports the other members of the JK team with all the administration tasks relating to tutor matching and trial lessons.  She sends out contracts to both tutors and clients and also ensures that all trial lessons are followed up with both the parents and tutors. In addition she overseas the assessment diary and tracks all assessments and feedback reports.

Susannah is married with two grown up children, and enjoys everything London has to offer, especially the theatre, concerts and restaurants.

Denise Hines



As one of JK’s senior English tutors, Denise sets, marks and reports on the JK 11+ Mock English exams and delivers the English workshops held for 11+ students throughout Year 5 and Year 6 of the JK 11+ Journey. In addition, Denise leads and teaches the JK 11+ Tutor Group programme.

Loving to be busy, when not occupied with her JK Educate duties, Denise can be found in a ballet class. She is a fully trained ballet dancer and teacher.

Denise Hines



Tania brings extensive experience of primary education to her role, having taught for over 20 years as a class teacher and deputy head teacher in a number of outstanding primary schools. She is developing the JK experience for both tutors and students, ensuring consistency through the setting and monitoring of high academic standards. As part of her role, Tania sources highly skilled tutors and produces online training for them. She also gives assessment feedback to clients, writing detailed reports to accompany the feedback meetings. One exciting creation that Tania is working on with Katie and Lorrae is the development of the JK Academy, identifying and rewarding top tutors in JK Educate.

Tania has a passion for music and enjoys playing the piano, is a keen songwriter and a member of a choir, when she is not renovating her 1930’s house or training her Border Collie to fetch the ball.

Jackie Lewis



Jacob is a qualified maths teacher and has lots of experience teaching in the classroom and tutoring one to one across all levels from primary and 11+ through to A Level. Jacob runs the JK maths workshops for 11+ and GCSE and teaches the weekly maths 11+ tutor group, as well as marking and producing reports for the JK maths mock exams. Jacob also works with the training and monitoring team, supporting new JK tutors and introducing them to the JK online tutoring platform.

Outside of teaching, Jacob loves to keep fit playing football, cycling and running.



Jackie has over 20 years of experience in primary education, having taught throughout the Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2. Additionally, she has managed each of these areas and been a member of the senior management team within the schools in which she has worked.  She has experience leading English and assessment, and has developed programmes of support for SEN pupils, particularly those with ASD. Jackie has worked as a tutor with JK Educate for the past year. Her primary role in the company is to provide training and support for new tutors to help them feel valued and confident as part of the JK team. She also monitors provision to ensure it is consistent and of high quality, so that pupils can reach their full potential.

In her free time, Jackie enjoys trips to the countryside or coast, and long walks. She also loves a good book, film or documentary.



Leanne draws on her extensive experience as a teacher and coach in her role at JK. She worked as a languages teacher for nearly twenty years in a multicultural secondary school and was also responsible for leading the Professional Mentoring Programme. Within this role, she coached trainee teachers, quality assured staff mentoring, and developed and wrote evaluations and reports. Leanne also provides training in schools, creating and facilitating workshops on effective communication and wellbeing. She is a Tavistock qualified executive coach, coaching blue chip clients across a myriad of industries from financial services to education. 

As a member of the JK training and monitoring team, Leanne is supporting new tutors and monitoring provision to ensure the best possible service is offered to all parties involved. Leanne has a love of languages and speaks Italian and Spanish. She enjoys a good pun, her family, friends, meeting new people, travelling, reading and injecting fun and humour into all she does.


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