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Led by co-founders Lorrae Jaderberg and Katie Krais, we offer a premium education service, with tutors that have a passion for teaching and a deep knowledge of how to help a child reach their potential. We have a dedicated monitoring team and a team of behind-the-scenes staff working hard to ensure that our clients’ experience is that of being well supported and cared for, whilst achieving optimum results.



Lorrae set up JK Educate with Katie in 2010, to fulfil the vision and belief that every child should be given the opportunity and encouragement to achieve to the best of their ability and potential.

Lorrae has over thirty years’ experience teaching in primary schools in London, with five years spent in senior school management, including as a Deputy Headteacher, SENCO and Gifted and Talented coordinator, whilst continuing to create and publish educational programmes for schools. As an assessment co-ordinator, she trained staff in improving pupil achievement, created and developed whole school assessment programmes, pupil tracking systems and data interpretation. This experience helps her oversee the dynamic training and monitoring that is so crucial to JK Educate’s high standards.

Lorrae lives in London and is married with four children. Read more



Katie has an excellent understanding of the information parents need to have to make an informed judgement about the ability of their children and how to move them forward and get the best education available. Her passion for this process and the importance of finding the right school for every child formed part of Katie’s motivation for setting up JK Educate with Lorrae, to help families successfully navigate their educational journeys.

Katie has twenty years’ experience teaching in primary schools in London as well as being a published author. She has been year group leader, assessment co-ordinator, teacher governor and a member of school senior management teams, as a SENCO and Inclusion Co-ordinator. These experiences help her guide the JK team to provide the support that families need.
Katie lives in London and is married with two children. Read more




Tania brings extensive experience of primary education to her role, having taught for over 25 years as a class teacher, Assistant Head and Deputy Head Teacher in outstanding primary schools in Norfolk, London and Cheshire.

As Head of Schools, Teaching and Learning, Tania is responsible for assessments – meeting with clients, giving individual feedback and writing detailed reports that outline specific targets to help children meet their potential. She also discusses possible schools that parents may like to consider, for students sitting an entrance exam and for occasional places. Liaising closely with schools, Tania ensures that the JK team, tutors and parents have the most up to date resource and exam information available, enabling students to achieve the very best possible outcomes.

Tania leads the JK Monitoring Team weekly meetings and is responsible for the setting and monitoring of high academic standards, tracking pupil progress through regular meeting with tutors, analysing work samples, reading monthly Student Progress Reviews and advising with the recent introduction of Curriculum Reviews.

Music is Tania’s passion, and she is a skilled pianist, a keen songwriter and a member of a local community choir. She loves both attending and performing in concerts as well as regular trips to the theatre.



Jackie has over 20 years of experience in primary education. She has taught throughout the Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2, has managed each of these areas and been a member of the senior management team within the schools in which she has worked. She has also had various lead roles including English Subject Leader, Assessment Coordinator and IT Subject Leader. In addition, Jackie has developed school assessment systems and a range of intervention and educational programmes to support pupils, such as Gifted and Talented and those with SEN.

Jackie has worked as an Educational Consultant and tutor with JK Educate since early 2017. Her primary role in the company is to provide training and support for tutors, to help them feel valued and confident as part of the JK team. Through her monitoring and tracking of students, she ensures that tutoring provision is consistently of a high quality, enabling pupils to reach their full potential. As well as this, Jackie provides school entrance interview preparation, and has developed company training, monitoring and tracking systems, programmes of study across the key stages, and assessments for EYFS and KS1 students. As a tutor, Jackie has successfully supported pupils in gaining places at top schools including the London Grammar Schools, Highgate, Belmont, Channing, City of London, Kensington Prep, Tonbridge and The London 11+ Consortium.

In her free time, Jackie enjoys trips to the countryside or coast, and long walks. She also loves a good book, film or documentary.




Becky has joined JK Educate specifically to work with our tutors – training, monitoring, and supporting them in both tutoring and professional development. She has been working in education since graduating with honours from The University of Winchester in 2000. She has worked in various roles in schools across the UK including English Lead teacher, Assistant Head and Music Advisor.

In 2012, Becky began teaching overseas, working in Slovakia, China, Czechia and Qatar in the period since then. She taught a range of year groups and was responsible for helping to improve the quality of teaching and learning, writing a training program for teachers and teaching assistants. Becky managed to visit over 50 different countries during her time overseas, something she is incredibly grateful for.

Becky loves all things arts and crafts, cooking and playing the ukulele. In fact, one of her proudest achievements has been teaching three hundred primary children to play the ukulele!

Leanne Dalah



Leanne draws on her extensive experience as a teacher and coach in her role at JK. She worked as a languages teacher for 20 years in a multicultural secondary school and was also responsible for leading their Professional Mentoring Programme. Within this role, she established and facilitated an induction training programme, coached Trainee and Newly Qualified Teachers, quality-assured staff mentoring, and developed and wrote evaluations and reports. Leanne also provides training in schools, creating and delivering workshops on effective communication and wellbeing. She is a Tavistock qualified Executive Coach, working with blue chip clients across myriad industries from financial services to education.

As Secondary Lead at JK Educate and a member of the training and monitoring team, Leanne leads the training of new tutors and monitors secondary provision to ensure the best possible service is offered to all parties involved. She has set up monitoring and tracking systems for secondary students, so that the appropriate intervention and support can be provided.

Leanne has a love of languages and speaks Italian, Spanish and French. She enjoys a good pun, her family, friends, meeting new people, travelling, reading, and injecting fun and humour into all she does.



Sasha provides a crucial point of contact for both clients and tutors. One of Sasha’s key tasks is carefully matching students to the best tutors for them, by working closely with Lorrae and Katie and using their in-depth knowledge and recommendations. Once the ideal match is achieved, Sasha liaises with the client and tutor to set up the tutoring arrangements and goes on to manage any future changes to tutoring schedules and requirements.

Sasha has joined the JK team with 6 years’ experience working in and managing private nurseries. Sasha has a Foundation Degree in Early Childhood Studies and a BA in Child and Youth Studies, and has always had a passion for the early years. For the last two years she has worked as a High Level TA in Reception and covered classes up to Year 6 in a North London school. Outside work, Sasha lives a busy and family orientated life, enjoys music and has an interest in cinematography. She also likes to travel and explore new places.

Suzannah Joseph



Susannah joined the JK team in November 2016 as an assessment administrator, working with children on a one to one basis. She is now a member of the client support team. She works hard to ensure that communication between tutors and parents runs smoothly.  To achieve this she supports the other members of the JK team with all the administration tasks relating to tutor matching and trial lessons.  She sends out contracts to both tutors and clients and also ensures that all trial lessons are followed up with both the parents and tutors. In addition she overseas the assessment diary and tracks all assessments and feedback reports.

Susannah is married with two grown up children, and enjoys everything London has to offer, especially the theatre, concerts and restaurants.




Sarah joined the JK team in October 2018. She is trained in multiple roles and has provided background administrative support for the whole JK team. Her main role, however, is overseeing the logistics of our international clients’ online platform use. She also provides online training support for all our clients and tutors. Sarah enjoys spreadsheets, maths problems, and creating statistical analysis, which she often utilises as the link between general operations and the IT and Finance departments.

She is originally from California, where she worked for three years as a primary school teaching and office assistant. She and her husband lived in Northern Ireland for three years before relocating to London. Sarah holds a MSc in Business and Management as well as a BA in Art and History. She is rarely found without a book in hand and is always keen for a good book recommendation.

Ruby Holmes



Ruby joined the team in 2018 as an assessment administrator. She now works closely with the training and monitoring team, supporting them with a variety of tasks, from ensuring student progress reviews are received promptly, to gathering and recording monitoring information. One of Ruby’s key responsibilities is to ensure our tutors have access to JK’s most up to date resources, which are constantly being reviewed by the senior team.

Before joining the JK team, Ruby worked in an education setting, both Primary and Secondary. She has also spent time in Thailand and the Philippines volunteering as an English teacher. In her spare time, she likes to travel and spend time with her son.

Basil Shall



Basil has been involved with JK Educate for the past five years, initially in a part time capacity and more latterly in a full-time role. He has designed and installed all the back-office systems needed to run and scale the business, as well as creating the online classrooms and the portals for tutors, enrolments, online bookings and payments. He currently looks after Finance and IT.

Basil has a background in blue chip companies, having held senior roles in PwC, Guinness, The Post Office, British Airways, The Grosvenor Group, and Babcock International.  He now enjoys using that experience to benefit growing businesses. Basil has an MBA from London Business School and a passion for technology.




Tunde joined the JK team in December 2018 to provide accounts support, allowing other members of the team to dedicate even more time to improving JK’s client service.

He combines his time at JK with his role of Bursar at a private college in West London, where he also tutors in Accounting and Business.

Tunde is married with two daughters and he can certainly empathise with the anxieties experienced by parents as their child strives to climb the ‘educational ladder’. In his spare time Tunde tries, often despairingly, to defeat the computer at chess and to utilise his latent DIY skills.

Denise Hines



As a senior English tutor, part of Denise’s role is to set, mark and report on the JK 11+ Mock English exams.

Loving to be busy, when not occupied with her JK Educate duties, Denise can be found in a ballet class. She is a fully trained ballet dancer and teacher.




Jacob is a qualified maths teacher and has lots of experience teaching in the classroom and tutoring one to one across all levels from primary and 11+ through to A Level. Jacob marks and produces reports for the JK maths mock exams. Jacob also works with the training and monitoring team, supporting new JK tutors and introducing them to the JK online tutoring platform.

Outside of teaching, Jacob loves to keep fit playing football, cycling and running.




Debbie began working as a tutor with JK Educate in 2017 and is a senior maths tutor and a specialist in maths. Debbie has 24 years of experience in secondary education, having taught maths and computer science to pupils aged 11 to 18. Additionally, she taught in a special needs school for 7 years. She has experience leading maths and assessment as an Assistant Head Teacher and has worked with teachers to ensure an excellent quality of education for all pupils. Debbie has developed individual learning plans and specialised schemes of work for pupils who have mental and physical health problems. Debbie has taught computer science to GCSE students for the last 4 years and continues to run a teacher hub for teachers of computer science as well as a coding club for secondary school pupils.

In her free time, Debbie enjoys designing and coding websites as well as solving a variety of puzzles, doing yoga and swimming.


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