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11+ Mock Exams

JK eleven plus Mock Exams reconstruct the feeling of a real test so that your child will know what to expect in the real exam situation and develop real strategies to cope. Children attending our mocks also become more confident and stay calm, which positively affects their performance in the real exams and the school offers they receive.

Mock exams are proven to help students to develop effective strategies and feel prepared to sit entrance exams, whether you are currently undergoing online or one-to-one 11+ tutoring or have chosen to prepare for the 11+ at home. Our main 11 plus mock tests are usually held in North London during May and October in a large hall, to recreate the school exam environment. All the required examination topics (verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, maths and English) are rigorously assessed using 11 plus mock exam papers written by examiners to replicate the real thing.

Our extra practice 11 plus mocks are taken in smaller groups but have the same high standard of authentic test content, marking and feedback. These take place in July, August and December. See More Details below for exact dates.


Why mocks are important

Experience shows us that those children attending one or more JK Educate 11+ mocks become more confident. This positively affects their performance in the real exams and the subsequent school offers they receive.

These exams help your child to master their time management and develop their ability to stay calm, even when faced with question types they have not seen before. Performance feedback is very useful for ongoing 11+ tutoring.

Why choose JK educate’s 11+ mocks?

The standard and content of these exams are authentic and appropriate for 11 plus testing. They have been specifically written by 11+ experts, commissioned to reproduce the challenges and standards that will be tested in the 11+ selective secondary school exams.

After each mock exam, every child’s work is marked meticulously, and the results are drawn up into an individualised report with detailed recommendations for the next stages of revision and teaching. This unique resource has proved invaluable in the latter stages of preparation and a key factor in many students’ 11+ success.

Main Mocks

Our two main 11+ mocks are held in a large hall with lots of children, seated in formal rows as in the real 11+ exams. Some of the state selective 11+ exams have hundreds of children sitting the exam at the same time in one room and this can be daunting without a realistic practice run.

Extra Practice 11+ Mock Exams

In addition to our 11+ tuition and main mocks we also provide extra practice mock exams; these have been especially created due to parent demand for more exam practice. They are intended for smaller groups of students, but with the same standard of 11+ exam papers, marking and feedback.

During these exams the students are observed carefully. Important information about their demeanour and behaviour is reported back to parents as part of the feedback. The additional exam practice is invaluable to improve time management and experience of different set of questions.

These mocks have been devised to give extra practice and feedback to children:

  • Who struggle with self-timing and need more practice under timed conditions
  • For whom nerves are a problem
  • Who generally underperform in exam conditions and would benefit from further practice in exam techniques.

Why sit a JK 11+ mock exam?

Sitting a JK Educate Mock Exam, and receiving the thorough results report brings many benefits, including to:

  • Improve speed and accuracy of work under exam conditions
  • Improve 11+ exam technique
  • Understand ability and progress
  • Identify gaps in knowledge
  • Ensure familiarity with exam process and environment
  • Help overcome exam pressure and anxiety


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