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Advanced Creative Comprehension Course

For students who have already completed the Creative Comprehension Course, this advanced course offers the chance to refine their skills and explore more advanced techniques. After the success of our bespoke creative comprehension course, we are now offering students the opportunity to take their learning even further with an advanced course.

Our advanced creative comprehension course builds on the skills gained from the first course and allows students the opportunity to apply those skills to further sources.

This can be a great further support to your child if they want to solidify their creative comprehension skills before their upcoming 11+ or 13+ exams.

This 2-hour course led by Tania Virdie, Head of Schools at JK Educate and a Cambridge-educated teacher, will look at a wide range of sources providing increased challenge, extension and stretch. Students will utilise strategies and techniques to analyse and interpret more challenging information.

The 2-hour course costs £199 and will take place online. It can be booked at any point to suit you.  For further information, please contact

Why creative comprehension is important

Creative comprehension is a new section of many 11+ and 13+ entrance exams.

Children will work on their deduction, evaluation, and comparison skills as they are asked to analyse various sources and draw logical conclusions. Students will be taught how to respond to a range of materials, including different sources such as pictures, statistics, and various texts, and draw pertinent conclusions about them.

What do creative comprehension questions entail?

Creative comprehension questions are designed to test your child’s ability to infer information from a range of sources. They are similar to reading comprehension questions in that they require the student to answer questions and draw conclusions from material supplied during the exam.

Similarly to reading comprehension, text will often be included in the question. On top of the text, however, there will be additional sources such as images, graphs and statistics. Students will need to retrieve information from across all of the sources in order to answer the questions successfully.

Why take our advanced creative comprehension course?

Feedback from previous students described the course as ‘enjoyable’, ‘fun’, ‘challenging’, ‘helpful’ and ‘useful’, and all students commented on how their confidence had grown within the session.

Join us on our next advanced creative comprehension course and receive direct feedback from Tania. This has many benefits, including:

  • Advanced comprehension skills
  • Revision of key strategies and practical techniques and top tips
  • Familiarity with exam questions and how to answer them
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Foundational skills for higher education

For more information on all our courses and workshops, or to secure a place for your child, please call 020 3488 0754, or email

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