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Oxbridge Applications & A-List Education

World-leading Oxbridge and UK university admissions consulting from Oxbridge Applications, and expert guidance to UK-based clients on standardised testing (SAT & ACT) and the US university application process from A-List Education.


Established in 1999, Oxbridge Applications is the global leader in Oxbridge admissions consulting.

Part of the award-winning Dukes Education family, Oxbridge Applications is the global leader in Oxbridge and UK university admissions consulting. Oxbridge Applications is comprised of a full-time team of Oxbridge-graduate consultants based in the Head Office at Pall Mall, and a wider network of subject-specialists and former Oxbridge admissions tutors. Over the past 24 years, they have supported in excess of 100,000 students from over 120 countries, and are the trusted in-house support to many of the UK’s highest-achieving schools, including Marlborough College, Haberdashers’ Boy’s School, Rugby School, St. Mary’s Ascot, Wellington College, Benenden, James Allen’s Girl’s, and many more.

Oxbridge admissions are among the most competitive in the world, and students receiving Private Support with Oxbridge Applications enjoy a success rate of more than three times the average for their chosen course. This journey can begin from age 14 with a Private Consultation, a working meeting combining assessment, research, and wider context to help bright young people make the best decisions to maximise their chances of success for the most selective institutions. Students can then join a longer-term private support programme, combining oversight and access to world-leading resources to build on their academic strengths and develop confidence as independent and determined scholars.

Private Consultations

Each year, we meet up to 500 potential Oxbridge Applicants for Private Consultations in our London offices or online.

This one-hour working meeting provides research-driven insight into the admissions process, empowering candidates to make the best decisions for their applications to maximise their chances of success. Drawing upon our 24 years of experience and research, our Oxbridge-graduate consultants assess an individual’s potential, advance their application with tailored strategy and guidance, and address all individual concerns and discuss further support with the applicant.

Within 48 hours of the consultation, we will send comprehensive written feedback, including relevant ‘Course Reports’ detailing the next steps we recommend. Private Consultations are available year-round and are suitable for students at any stage of the university application process.

Personal Statement Guidance

Personal statements can make or break your applications to UK universities, and in most cases will be the only way that a university gets a sense of who you really are. With many similarly qualified applicants, the personal statement can be a way to stand out to win places on selective courses. Personal statements are also notoriously difficult to ‘get right’; they are typically the first chance students have to express their own academic passions on paper, and presents a range of challenges.

With a wealth of experience helping students from across the world on their personal statements for over 20 years, Oxbridge Applications is uniquely placed to help individuals make sure they are representing themselves in the most compelling way for their chosen courses.

The personal statement package pairs applicants  with a specially-chosen tutor who graduated from an Oxbridge university in the given course for three distinct 45-minute review sessions of the personal statement: an initial review of their first draft or brainstorms/notes to ensure the student has the right content, a second session to suggest any further major amendments, and a third and final offline review made with tracked edits and comments to give the statement a ‘fine-tooth’ combing.

Mock Interview Course

The interviews for Oxford and Cambridge are, arguably, the most important part of a student’s application, and notoriously difficult to prepare for! Our Mock Interview Package helps applicants to prepare for these through four one-hour, subject-specific, formal mock interviews with four different Oxbridge-graduate interviewers, with constructive, detailed feedback after each.

The package gives candidates four subject-specific mock interviews, designed to recreate the real interview environment, and help candidates gain confidence in the process of how to get into Oxford or Cambridge. Our expert, highly-trained tutors will conduct formal interviews, followed by feeding back development points to improve your interview technique.

Admissions Test Tuition

Admissions Tests for Oxford, Cambridge, Medical and Law schools, and other universities in the UK, look to distinguish between strongly-qualified applicants. These tests emphasise skill rather than knowledge, and – with the right tools and expertise – can absolutely be prepared for.

We tutor for every admissions test used by UK universities, and have developed a large bank of admission test resources and mock tests. Our admissions test tuition is one-to-one and pairs highly specialised Oxbridge-graduate test tutors with students to help them perform at their very best. Our tutors, supported by official as well as our own mock papers and resources, can help students overcome their academic weaknesses and improve their potential when it is time to tackle their admissions tests.

Recent Testimonial

As a parent of a successful applicant to her chosen Cambridge College I would recommend OA as a must for any prospective Oxbridge applicant. The Premier  Service provided a bespoke series of learning opportunities and interview practice which thoroughly prepared our daughter for the unique challenges of the Oxbridge process . Thank you so much to all the professional, motivated and caring OA team.

Complimentary e-Book

Oxbridge Applications, part of the Dukes Education family, speaks with young people and their families on a daily basis to discuss individual educational pathways. Register with Oxbridge Applications and receive a wealth of resources, including our complimentary e-book “So You Want To Go To Oxbridge? Tell me about a banana”.

It can be difficult to work out exactly what you should be doing to give yourself the best chance of success, but we are always happy to help. Telephone +44(0)20 7499 2394, email at, or request a call-back to discuss your situation.

A-List Education UK Overview


Part of the award-winning Dukes Education family, A-List Education UK offers expert guidance to UK-based clients on standardised testing (SAT & ACT) and the US university application process. Founded in 2005 in New York City by a team of Ivy League graduates with extensive experience in SAT/ACT preparation and US university advising. Besides working with private clients, A-List operates the trusted in-house programmes at many of the UK’s best schools, including Wellington College and Westminster School. Knowing the best and brightest students come from all different backgrounds and levels of access, A-List is committed to its Ark US Scholars Programme and pro bono services. All A-List services are offered in-person, online, or a hybrid of both.

US University Advising

From selecting the best American universities to suit personal preferences to increasing competitiveness through extracurricular and course choices, students can expect to have a trusted advisor (who has attended a top US university themselves) to take them through their entire admissions journey. While achieving outstanding results with acceptances to US universities—in 2022, A-List’s students were awarded with over $650,000 worth of scholarships, and all the eight Ivy League universities offered acceptances to our students—A-List also utilises the university application process as an impetus for a student’s growth: both academically and personally.


For over fifteen years, A-List Education has helped students excel on their SAT/ACT exams, standardised tests which enhance one’s application to US Universities. These multiple-choice tests require stringent aptitude in critical reading, grammar, and mathematics as well as a strong ability with lateral thinking.  Our expert tutors provide customised one-on-one tutoring sessions, as well as intensive group bootcamps, guiding students through the required content and providing proprietary tried-and-tested exam techniques to aid the ability to achieve a maximum score. Beginning with a consultation, your student will then be paired with one of our tutors who best complements your student’s personality, goals, academic needs, and interests. Once we find the right match, we begin the student’s personalised program with weekly lessons, individualised homework assignments, and practice exams. Students will typically being preparing for the SAT or ACT after their GCSEs – book in for a diagnostic test after your exams to begin your journey!


A-List Education further recognises that students need to learn how to study as well as what to study. Our Academic Integrated Mentoring (AIM) 1-1 programme hones students’ critical reading, time management, organisation, and goal-setting skills, as well as providing optional extension courses in Leadership and other professional areas. All students receive a personalised Academic Plan with time specific goals for maximum progress and a bespoke Canvas page – a Learning Management Software that provides a platform for our students and mentors to track progress & assignments, share resources, and message outside of sessions.  With AIM, students develop the academic skills and ownership over their studies needed for mastery over exam performance and future US college success.

The best way to begin working with A-List privately is with a private consultation with an expert advisor (either virtually or at their Pall Mall office). Clients will receive be lead through a comprehensive review of the application process itself and the student’s current standing in relation to the increasingly competitive applicant pool of top US universities. Following the consultation, A-List provides a written report to provide further personalised research, insights to help future decision-making, and details on diagnostic tests for the SAT and ACT. Students can continue working with A-List through ongoing advisory services, test tuition, and mentoring.

Register with A-List to access the free webinar library resources and extracts of their bestselling ‘So You Want to Study in America?’.

Discuss your university goals with a member of their expert Client Services Team at or +44 (0)203 004 8101.

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