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What is the 7+ exam?

The 7+ exam is an assessment used by many academically high-performing prep schools as part of their admissions process for children aged 7 and above. It is designed to assess a child’s learning potential by using a variety of verbal, non-verbal, and quantitative reasoning tasks. If your child performs well in these exams, they will have more of a chance to be accepted into these distinguished schools.

You may think it is a little too early for a 7-year-old to take seated exams. But some parents opt for the 7+ over the following 11+ exams to relieve some of the stress children might experience whilst also completing their key stage 2 national exams in year 6. The 7+ exams are continuing to grow in popularity, and so we now accommodate more specialised 7+ tutors than ever to help prepare and support your child.

Your child could sit up to three 7+ exams for maths, English and reasoning. They usually take place in the Spring term for the beginning of the next academic year in September. Below is an outline of what they should expect when they take them.

What is on the 7+ maths exam paper?

In maths, your child will be expected to know at least their 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables and apply them in real world scenarios. Basic concepts of time, money and shape, will also be covered. The 7+ maths exam typically includes:

  • Problem-solving tasks using basic arithmetic such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • The need for quick and accurate mental calculations.
  • Problems that involve making comparisons or estimates.
    Fractions, decimals, and percentages.
  • Interpreting data, such as graphs and tables.

What is on the 7+ English exam paper?

The English exam leans heavily into creating writing and text comprehension. Your child will be asked to select facts from a reading and make answers in full sentences. The 7+ English exam will involve:

  • Reading a piece of text and answering questions about it.
  • Vocabulary questions requiring the correct definition of words and their use in sentences.
  • Grammar and syntax, where the child must identify and correct errors in a sentence or paragraph.
  • Spelling questions.
  • Writing tasks, in which your child must write a short essay or story based on a prompt.

What is on the 7+ reasoning exam paper?

More schools are now returning to using the reasoning exam because it displays your child’s learning potential. The contents of the reasoning exam are not on the national curriculum and so many parents feel they cannot help their child prepare adequately. This is where our tutors can help.

The reasoning exam is split into two parts:


  • Puzzles, like identifying the missing word in a series of related words.
  • Analogy questions, spotting the relationship between two words and choosing a word that completes the analogy
  • Synonym and antonym questions.
  • Sorting words into categories based on shared characteristics.


  • Pattern recognition tasks, paying attention to colours, sizes, angles and directions.
  • Riddles, sudokus and other word puzzles.
  • Spatial awareness tasks using Lego, jigsaw puzzles or even Rubik’s cubes.
  • Visual puzzles, interpreting diagrams or images.
  • Analysing the properties of different shapes and forms.
  • Reading information presented in graphs, tables, or charts.

What are the benefits of 7+ tutoring?

With the aid of a 7+ tutor, your child will be fully prepared with what to expect when they see the questions on the exam papers above. They will know what tasks they will have to answer, and how to process them within the allotted time. Here are the three main benefits of taking on a 7+ tutor:

  1. Our tutors are experts at identifying where children excel and where they need the most support in order to provide a fully comprehensive, fully personalised tutoring programme. This will provide them with a far higher chance to be accepted into your chosen academic school to receive a high-quality education.
  2. Acceptance into your chosen prep school is not only based on the results from the 7+ exams. They will take into account your child’s full academic record and personal qualities. Our tutors recognise this. Your child will feel an increased confidence in communicating and learning with a one-on-one tutor. They will reinforce key concepts and skills to help solidify their overall performance.
  3. Tutoring encourages independence and improved study habits. They will be more in tune with their time management skills and more focused on their learning, which will be instrumental in further academic success.

Find out more about our in-person or online 7+ tutoring programme. Call 020 3488 0754 or email us to select a 7+ tutor for your child.

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