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What is the 7+ exam?

The 7+ exam is an assessment used by many academically high-performing prep schools as part of their admissions process for children aged 7 and above. It is designed to assess a child’s learning potential by using a variety of verbal, non-verbal, and quantitative reasoning tasks. If your child performs well in these exams, they will […]

JK Educate Offers Free Tutoring to Students in Wuhan

Online tutoring is proving to be an ideal way of teaching students who are in isolation because of the new coronavirus and unable to attend school. The interactive technology of an online classroom allows teaching to take place with a shared screen, allowing tutors and students to upload documents, write together, see each other and […]

11 + Interview Skills

TOP UP YOUR CHILD’S CONFIDENCE!!!! You never get a second chance to make a first impression! We know the value that private schools place on their interview selection process. They want to get a close look at whether a candidate would be suitable for their school, complement the other children and be happy. At JK […]

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