13+ tutoring for CE success

13+ Common Entrance One-to-one Tutoring

From carefully matched tutors, specially trained in teaching students facing the 13+ exams and monitored by JK’s senior team. Available in person or online.

We support families throughout the process of school admissions at 13+, from academic assessments and advice on school choices to preparations for pre-tests, interview preparation and tutoring for the CE exams themselves in every required subject.

Our teaching resources are regularly updated, with our expert focus on the ever-changing requirements of schools’ entrance exam procedures.

What is Common Entrance at 13+?

The thirteen plus process is made up of the Common Pre-test, taken in either Year 6 or Year 7, and the Common Entrance exams taken in Year 8. Not all schools require students to take the Common Pre-test, however if they do students are offered provisional places based on the pre-test, further dependent on the student’s Common Entrance exams in Year 8.

Common Pre-Tests

  • The Common Pre-Tests are taken when a pupil is in Year 6 or Year 7 and are an age-standardised measure of ability and attainment. They are commissioned from GL Assessment and cover verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and mathematics. Preparations for the verbal and non-verbal reasoning elements are similar to those for the 11+.

Key features of the Common Entrance Pre-tests:

  • They are online and adaptive, in a multiple-choice format
  • They take about two-and-a-half hours to complete (English 25 minutes, mathematics 50 minutes, non-verbal reasoning 32 minutes, verbal reasoning 36 minutes)
  • The four tests can be taken together or at separate times; in the candidate’s own school, at the senior school for which he or she is entered or at an independent testing centre
  • Results are available to all senior schools which register the same candidate and therefore a candidate need only sit the test once for a range of senior schools
  • The tests are unique to ISEB and are standardised for the independent sector

Independent secondary schools will offer provisional places to promising candidates, but they will still need to be tested at 13+ level through a series of exams in each of the academic subjects studied.
JK Educate 13+ tutors
JK Educate 13+ tutors
JK Educate 13+ tutors
Common Entrance Exam

Pupils sit the Common Entrance examination at 13+ when they are in Year 8. There are three examination sessions each year, in November, January and May/June.

The common entrance exam varies greatly between schools. Some schools still use the ISEB common entrance papers which have 3 levels of difficulty. Others require Common Entrance exams in the core subjects – English, maths and science, plus a modern language – alongside their own papers in other subjects. Some schools write all their own papers and they will usually have a specimen paper on their website.

ISEB provide a mark scheme for common entrance papers, but schools are free to mark the papers however they see fit, depending on their entrance criteria and required pass mark.

Our 13+ tutors guide students in what to prepare for each school they apply for and provide the appropriate teaching and resources. It is very important to know which schools the student will be sitting early, so that the correct preparation takes place.


If a student successful in their pre-tests and/or their CE exam, they will be invited to interview with the schools that are interested in their application.

Most of these interviews are based around demonstrating the ability to reason and explore concepts which are new to most pupils. Once the exams have shown what the candidate knows and can do, the school will be interested in assessing their potential. We can help with individual interview preparation.


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    11-13 years
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    In students' own homes or online


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