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Subjects tutored: KS4 and KS5 English Language and Literature



BEd (Hons) in English Literature/P.E. in 1984; MSc in Coaching and Mentoring in 2010; Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Incredibly, I have been teaching/tutoring for 35 years and I have taught in a variety of schools in myriad locations in the UK and abroad, including London, The Middle East and the Canary Islands.

Why I tutor: Education is my passion. I believe every child should be given the opportunity to develop their skills academically, physically, and spiritually, to help them live a rich, varied and happy life. I feel very privileged if I can play a small part in each of my student’s development. I use teaching and coaching techniques when I am tutoring on a 1:1 basis, as I believe they both work hand in hand in helping my students achieve their academic goals. I treat each student I tutor as an individual, and tailor my tutoring to his or her specific needs and the goals they wish to achieve. I love to see them blossom in confidence as they develop their voice in their writing which is essential for success in English Language, Literature and in life.

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