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Subjects tutored: 7+ 8+ 9+ 10+ 11+ 13+ 14+ 16+ English and verbal reasoning; English KS2 – KS5; English Lit KS2 – KS; GCSE French



BA (Hons) in Modern Languages
PGDip in Special Needs with a focus on literacy difficulties.

I am a qualified teacher and have gained experience in both the state and private sectors in schools across the UK. I now teach English and have been Head of English in a leading prep school for several years, preparing students for 11+, Common Entrance and Scholarship to some of the country’s most prestigious day and boarding schools. I have taught English across all key stages and have extensive experience of preparing students for exams from 7+ up to A-level.

Why I tutor: I love tutoring because it gives me an opportunity to see students blossom and grow in a way that isn’t possible when teaching large classes. It is a privilege to be so involved in their education and work with them to draw the best out of every student.

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